Dimension and kind of data storage

Your data will be collected in two different ways:

  1. On your visit, Luianta does create one or more cookies. Cookies are small text files, which are saved as temporary data. These cookies do contain a explicit user number (user ID) As well as an anonymous session number (Session-ID) and other information for to ensure the correct flow of the page and are automatically assigned by Luianta.
  2. Additional data will be collected trough the submission of these data to the operator. This concerns - without the claim of completeness - for example data which is collected within the scope within the registration process and the comments and contents that are created after you registered. Your user account does consist of at least one unambiguous user name (email), and a password for the sign in process.

Permission for the information storage

You allow Luianta to save the data and make usage of it for the usage of the page that has been entered by you during the process of the registration, as well as on ongoing access data (date and time of the usage, IP-Address and other from the browser submitted data) and for the operation of the page.

Transfer of data

At large Luianta will pass your data to a third party only with your consent, as long as it is not forced by constitutional laws to pass the data or if the data is necessary to the enforcement of lawful interests.


You allow Luianta beyond that, to contact you under the contact data you provided, provided that this serves the transmission of central information about the page. Beyond that Luianta and other users can contact you, as long as you allowed it on the respective place.

Scope of this Guideline

This guideline covers the whole area of the Web-page Luianta.

Right to information

Luianta grants you disclosure on request, which data is saved about you. You can at any time request the deletion resp. the blockage of your data. Please contact us concerning this via our Contact form.

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