Luianta - Situation capturing of undetected infectiological outbreaks after acute telefonic reports


Respirational infects and gastroenteritides every year do cause a significant amount of cases of diseases and sick leaves. According estimated cautions 20 to 30% of patients do consult the local doctor due to one of both of these symptom complexes. Apart from influenza and the statutory reportables, there is no possibility for an epidemiological aquisition for these symptom complexes and their underlying infectious diseases. In fact a doctor would need to take into account the epidemiological overall situation for its diagostic and therapy, but this in general remains unknown. Diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic measures are therefore commonly restricted solely on the intuition of the attending physician. Health autorities and physicians are in principle interested to capture these waves of sicknesses, however this cannot be related with a unsuitable overhead. The captured information need furthermore being made available to the participant physicians in a contemporary fashion. At the moment, there is no system that can satisfy these needs.


This concrete project serves the setup of an experimental automation supported report system for symptom complexes. Captured are:

  • Infection of the upper air supply (rinitis, sinusitis, pharingitis, pseudocroup)
  • Infections of the lower air supplies (bronchitis, pneumonia)
  • Gastroenteritides
  • Exanthema (non-allergic, generalised exanthemes as well as localised exanthemes after ticks or mosquito exposition.)
  • Fever
  • Infections of the central nervous system CNS
  • Tick bites
  • Mosquito bites

The reports of the symtom complexes does occur via the diagnosing pyhsicians over abbreviated dialing. Patient related data will not be forwarded. The participation does occur on a voluntary basis. The system consist of a phone module, which enters the phone number of the reporter in a database, as well as a call-through number that is mapped to a certain symtom complex. Over a webpage the participants can gather the number of reported cases over a certain amount of time. With this, physicians and authorities can see which symptom complexes do appear cumulated locally or regionally in a certain period of time, and can then take corresponding diagnostic and prophylactic measurements. The project is limited on up to 15 participants in the region of East- and Southtirol, whereby the amount can variate from between 10 to 15 participants. The project is designed that way, that pyhsicians from the upper Belluno can participate at any given point in time.

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